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What is Machon Maor?

Machon Maor is an exciting and innovative institution of Torah learning for women that promotes respect and appreciation for the diversity of the orthodox Jewish community. Our goal is to create a venue where women from various communities can come together and explore the beauty and depth of Torah through text, discussion, and camaraderie.

What is our philosophy?

At Machon Maor we believe that Jewish unity can only come through education and exposure. Our courses are taught by a variety of rabbis and teachers from across the spectrum of the orthodox Jewish community. The goal is to encourage students to explore Torah through the lenses of the various educators and create cross-community friendships between women.

How do I apply?

REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS JUNE 30,2013 Complete our online Application Form, download and print two other forms, and submit them along with your application fee. Questions? Feel free to contact us.
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